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SubjectRe: kernel 2.4.16
Hello Karim,
I had few issues related to compiling 2.6.3 on redhat 9.0. I have got that up
and running except for the (networking)eth0 support. I see Ltt 0.9.6pre2 and
not pre3 on the site am I missing sm thing??

Quoting Karim Yaghmour <>:

> Hello Amit,
> wrote:
> > I need linux2.4.16 because i want to use LTT and the documentation of
> > says that it can be used with that version. Can somebody gimme sm pointer
> > realted to this.
> You may want to try fixing this patch for the latest kernel (and I could
> then host the updated patch on the project's site.) Or you may want to try
> LTT 0.9.6pre3 with linux 2.6.3 and relayfs. This is the latest development
> version. It's got rough edges, but it shouldn't be too hard to get working.
> Karim
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> Author, Speaker, Developer, Consultant
> Pushing Embedded and Real-Time Linux Systems Beyond the Limits
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