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SubjectRe: Load hid.o module synchronously?
On Monday 26 April 2004 22:10, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:

> For example, I invoke "modprobe hid" to make my USB keyboard work.
> This loads the module and exits immediately, causing my script to
> proceed, before the USB keyboard is probed and ready.
> I want to wait until the driver is finished initializing (i.e., a USB
> keyboard is either found or not found) before my script continues.
> How can I do that?
> I seem to be having similar problems loading certain other modules
> (PCMCIA, Ethernet), but hid.o is the only one for which I have not
> found a convenient workaround.

Well, this isn't what you wanted to hear :-) but I use sleep on my
PCMCIA/nfsroot boot initrds. Sleeping for 3-5 seconds is enough for the
modules to load properly and it won't slow down the boot too much either...

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