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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Blacklist binary-only modules lying about their license
    On Martes, 27 de Abril de 2004 21:16, Grzegorz Kulewski wrote:
    > I think that /proc/tainted would be better than spamming logs after each
    > load of tainted module...
    > But probably modules should not be removed from /proc/tainted on unloading
    > (to prevent from "un-tainting" the kernel by "clever" users).

    2 ideas:

    Printing if the tainted module is loaded or unloaded


    using the /proc/tainted interface to enable/disable loading of tainted

    So that are 2 different things: a) how do we handle the tainted mods
    notifications and b) if we let the user decide if he/she wants tainted
    modules to be "blocked"

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