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SubjectRe: Bug#234976: kernel-source-2.6.4: Software Suspend doesn't work

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 20:40:15 +1000, Herbert Xu
<> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 07:48:34PM +1000, herbert wrote:
>> A simple solution is to copy the pages in reverse. This way the
>> top page table is filled in last which should resolve this particular
>> issue. The following patch does exactly that and fixes the problem
>> for me.
> Of course this doesn't work for machines without PSE. But then the
> original code didn't work either. Since resuming from 486's isn't
> that cool anyway, IMHO someone should just add a PSE check in the
> swsusp/pmdisk init code on i386.

There used to be such a check. Centrinos, however, if I recall correctly,
don't have PSE but can suspend with our current method. Perhaps we can
come up with a more nuanced test? Better still, though, we should just get
proper AGP support for suspending and resuming in.

Nigel Cunningham
C/- Westminster Presbyterian Church Belconnen
61 Templeton Street, Cook, ACT 2614, Australia.
+61 (2) 6251 7727 (wk)
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