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SubjectProblem with CONFIG_USB_SL811HS
I am facing to a problem using linux-2.4.25-vrs2 and/or 2.4.26-vrs1 (ARM
I think this problem come from the linux kernel and not from ARM patch.
Seems that there is a problem building SL811 USB hosts because if I enable
the driver seems to be not build and is not running.
I don't know how to manage drivers/usb/host/Makefile for O_TARGET := in
this case.
Could someone suggest me what to do ?
Marco Cavallini

# drivers/usb/host/Makefile
# Makefile for USB Host Controller Driver
# framework and drivers


obj-$(CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD) += ehci-hcd.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_UHCI_ALT) += uhci.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_UHCI) += usb-uhci.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_OHCI) += usb-ohci.o usb-ohci-pci.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_SL811HS_ALT) += sl811.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_SL811HS) += hc_sl811.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_OHCI_SA1111) += usb-ohci.o usb-ohci-sa1111.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_OHCI_AT91) += usb-ohci.o

# Extract lists of the multi-part drivers.
# The 'int-*' lists are the intermediate files used to build the multi's.
multi-y := $(filter $(list-multi), $(obj-y))
multi-m := $(filter $(list-multi), $(obj-m))
int-y := $(sort $(foreach m, $(multi-y), $($(basename $(m))-objs)))
int-m := $(sort $(foreach m, $(multi-m), $($(basename $(m))-objs)))

# Take multi-part drivers out of obj-y and put components in.
obj-y := $(filter-out $(list-multi), $(obj-y)) $(int-y)

# Translate to Rules.make lists.
OX_OBJS := $(obj-y)
MX_OBJS := $(obj-m)
MIX_OBJS := $(int-m)

include $(TOPDIR)/Rules.make

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