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    Subjectwell-supported motherboard
    I am looking for a motherboard that is known to work well with Linux.
    "Known to work well" means:
    1) working open source drivers exist for all onboard components
    2) most people are not experiencing random crashes or data corruption,
    or the reason for such is understood and a proper fix exists.
    3) multiple people are using the board successfully
    4) no VIA northbridge/southbridge, though other VIA components might
    be OK. Although there are people successfully using VIA chipsets, I
    do not believe that VIA considers the stability of their products to
    be an important concern.

    It seems that no one does proper testing of motherboards with Linux.
    Although I can find reviews that put a variety of boards through a
    handful of tests in Windows, I can't find any reviews that properly
    test Linux.

    I had preferred AMD CPUs, but if my choices for motherboards are VIA
    and nforce2 (random crashing) chipsets, it looks like I will have to
    go with P4.

    My other requirements/desires are:
    1) AGP 8X (this is the only hard requirement for features)
    2) Dual ethernet
    3) lots of USB2.0
    4) firewire
    5) four IDE controllers
    6) audio with SPDIF out that will not resample 44100khz output (I'm not
    sure if this exists).
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