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SubjectRe: Update on problems creating iteraid driver disk
On Sunday 25 of April 2004 12:49, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le dim, 25/04/2004 à 12:48 +1000, Paul Gear a écrit :
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > A while back i posted about trying to create iteraid driver disks for
> > FC1. With the help of David Kewley's instructions
> > ( on using Doug
> > Ledford's driver kit (, i managed to
> > create a proper driver disk.
> Frankly if you really want to bother with ite hardware (the SII680 is
> available here for the same price and is perfectly supported under
> Linux) you should focus on getting their driver inside the

ITE docs are _publicly_ available unlike SiI ones.

> sources.


> ie make diffs, submit them to LKM, make the changes people request, etc
> (ite is GPLed if I remember well).
> This may seem more difficult but remember the kernel is a moving
> target : after six months you'll have spent more energy getting this
> out-of-tree driver work than getting it in-tree now.

Well, I still have ITE (libata!) driver on my TODO,
but due to lack of free drives and time it is not yet done.


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