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    Subject[sata] libata update

    I'm slowly and (somewhat) quietly cleaning up the libata internals.
    This is allow several interesting features to appear in rapid
    succession: hotplug, random taskfile submission (SMART!), and ATAPI.

    This is the first step in cleaning up the internals. Nothing terribly
    interesting for existing users, except for one key change:

    Promise SATA driver has been split. Promise TX2/TX4 SATA remains in
    "sata_promise". The very-different Promise SX4 support is now found in
    a new driver "sata_sx4". Promise users, please test and make sure I
    didn't break anything. It seems to work on my Promise SATA h/w.

    Linux 2.6.x patch and changelog:

    Linux 2.4.x patch and changelog:

    BitKeeper repositories:[46]

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