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Subject[PATCH][RFC] sort out CLOCK_TICK_RATE usage [0/3]

With every 2.6 kernel I tried the system speaker on my Alpha produces a
rather unpleasant high pitched tone instead of the normal system beep.
This is because in p|cspkr.c the calculation of the counter values is
incorrectly based on CLOCK_TICK_RATE.
To solve this problem I came up with these tree patches:

1/3: introduce PIC_TICK_RATE constant. It seems this is not always
the same value.
2/3: use PIC_TICK_RATE in *spkr.c and some other places where the
PIC is directly programmed.
3/3: use CLOCK_TICK_RATE where 1193180 was used in timing calculations.

Tested on Alpha, compile & boot-tested on i386 (unrelated LVM problems here)

Arch maintainers please have a look whether I got the constants right or
if your architecture has a PIC at all.

Comments welcome.


| Thorsten Kranzkowski Internet: |
| Mobile: ++49 170 1876134 Snail: Kiebitzstr. 14, 49324 Melle, Germany |
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