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    SubjectRe: amd64 questions
    On Sun, Apr 11, 2004 at 01:37:46PM +0200, Paul Wagland wrote:
    > On Apr 10, 2004, at 21:02, Hugo Mills wrote:
    > >On Sat, Apr 10, 2004 at 08:49:04PM +0200, Andi Kleen wrote:
    > >>>line either? Or we can if we use AMD64 [DM] libraries with a AMD64
    > >>>kernel? DM = Device Mapper right?
    > >>
    > >>You can't use Device Mapper with 32bit user tools on a 64bit kernel
    > >>right now.
    > >
    > > Well, you can, because that's what I'm doing on this machine. Joe
    > >Thornber posted a patch[1] here a few weeks ago which fixes the
    > >problem in a "sealing-wax-and-string" kind of way. It Works For
    > >Me(tm), which is about all you can say about it -- it's not the
    > >prettiest piece of code, even to my non-kernel eyes. :)
    > Ah, yes, but you missed the bit slightly later in the thread where Andi
    > requested that this not be added to the kernel since it would then
    > break all currently existing 64bit DM user tools. Newly compiled ones
    > would, of course, work, but you introduce a DM user tool versioning
    > problem, where the old 64 bit utils need to be used with old kernels,
    > and the new tools need to be used with the new kernels. As far as I
    > understood, this is the "official" line for the mainstream kernel. It
    > is my hope that the disties all decide to use Thornbers patch when they
    > do release, but only time will tell...

    Sorry, I probably wasn't making myself clear.

    I'm well aware of the issues surrounding this patch, and the fact
    that it's never going to get into mainline kernels. However, it _does_
    allow you to use DM with 32-bit user-space + 64-bit kernel, which was
    my only point.


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