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SubjectRevealed root

One of our reporters has collected the testimony of a SCO secretary.
The woman, Darlyn McBride, confessed the sad story of Linux lawsuit origin.

I was hired on Thursday 27 June 2002 [1] and since than I worked for our
management creating short reports from technology and analysts websites. On
Wednesday 22 January 2003 I delivered a report with a mispelling error
inside. I was quoting an enterprise environment analysis that suggested to
start "using Linux". Sadly I misplaced the first letter, so I wrote "suing
Linux". Few hours later I discovered the error after the company announced
[2] that has "estabilished SCOsource to License Unix Intellectual Property".
I'm sorry if a little error is causing so many problems, but I'm sure that
this situation will have a happy end.


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