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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove dead ATAPI multi-lun support (used for ide-scsi)
    Willem Riede wrote:
    > On 2004.02.20 16:47, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
    >>[IDE] remove dead ATAPI multi-lun support (used for ide-scsi)
    >>ChangeSet@1.889.69.2 03-01-23 14:51:03-05:00
    >>| The following changes to ide-scsi.c are a recovery of the
    >>| changes that I had in ide-scsi.c in the stock kernel's before
    >>| Martin Dalecki's IDE tree was reverted and a few other changes.
    >>broke it.
    >>Before this change drive->id->last_id & 0x7 was used as shost->max_lun
    >>and "hdXlun=" kernel parameter could be used to override it.
    >>It was needed probably only for some rare ATAPI PD-CD drives
    >>However it was far from optimal:
    >>- people played with "hdXlun=" and then complained about multiple instances
    >> of the same device (most ATAPI drives respond to each LUN)
    >>- probably some devices return 7 not 0 in id->last_id (=> 7 x same device)
    >>This patch cleans things up, multi-lun will be fixed if needed in ide-scsi.
    >>I think that this may work but can't verify it:
    >> if (id->last_lun && id->last_lun != 7)
    >> shost->max_lun = id->last_lun + 1;
    >> else
    >> shost->max_lun = 1;
    > I have verified that this works with my PD/CD drive, the patch to ide-scsi.c
    > that I suggest (against linux-2.6.4-rc1-mm2) is below.

    I have a multi-LUN ATAPI CD changer here...


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