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SubjectRe: ide scsi dvd+rw udf kernel panic
"Dubler, Raymond" <> writes:

> We are getting kernel panics while writing real-time video data (~750KBps)
> to both hard disk (Ext3) and dvd+rw media (UDF). The hardware and software
> configuration along with the kernel oops message follow. Any information as
> to how this is happening would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Remo
> Hardware configuration:
> MIC E210882 motherboard (FW82815 chipset)
> 256MB PC-100 RAM
> Primary IDE Master: DiamondMax Plus 8 (40GB) [cable select] /dev/hda
> udma5
> Primary IDE Slave: HP 200j v1.27 DVD Writer [cable select]
> /dev/scd0 (via ide-scsi emulation) udma2
> Software configuration:
> Distribution: Linux From Scratch (LFS) 4.0
> Kernel: 2.4.20
> 1st patch: packet-2.4.20-2.patch
> (
> 2nd patch: dvd-packet-2.4.20.patch
> (

These patches were created before I had access to a DVD writer. Does
the newer patches work better?

The patches are based on patches I found at:

Alternatively, if you only need dvd+rw support and not packed writing
support, you could try the patch from:

Peter Osterlund -
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