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SubjectRe: kernel mode console
On Wednesday 03 March 2004 10:12 pm, Krishnakumar. R wrote:
> Hi,
> > set up a remote debug session just to poke around in the kernel.
> > Remote debug setup is complex and often fragile.
> There is framework called "Kprobes" available, which may
> be of use in the cases were remote debugging is a no-no.
> After you have applied the kprobes patch, you can put probes
> at different portions of the kernel and can dump registers
> variables etc.
> More details can be found at
> Regards,
> KK.

i think perhaps i need to expound upon what i have a vision of. a kernel mode
console is just that: a console designed to run in kernel mode. it could have
built in commands to allow for quick and dirty examination of stuff (anything
really, like memory dumps) and a command processor for scripted stuff, but
the true power of it comes in when you issue a command that is not internal
to the console. it could run a special debugger, an application that installs
a probe, a memory monitor, etc., etc. in short it is not a debugger per-say,
but a "god mode" console for the linux kernel. that is what i had a vision
of. the executables it would run would necessarily be compiled for that.
again, i ask is that worth the time coding it?
. ~billyrose/make
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