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SubjectRe: [PATCH] UTF-8ifying the kernel source
On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, David Eger wrote:

> Here you find the first of several patches to convert the kernel
> source from ISO Latin-1 to UTF-8. I'm working on the files that didn't
> auto-convert easily; comments welcome ;-)
> First, some statistics!
> In Linux 2.6.3, there are:
> 15860 clean 7-bit ASCII files
> 274 text files are not 7-bit clean
> 38 of these 274 files are not auto-convertible -- either they are not ISO
> Latin-1 or the high octets appear within the actual code (not comments).
> This first patch applies to help files, documentation, and comments which
> are trivially correct ISO Latin-1 => UTF-8 conversions. The work I have
> left to do is summarized below.

That will be of a great help for the future developers that will edit
kernel sources in Microsoft Word.

[a large collection of expletives in multiple languages and charsets is
skipped here]

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