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    SubjectRe: 230-objrmap fixes for 2.6.3-mjb2

    --On Wednesday, March 03, 2004 19:51:22 +0100 Andrea Arcangeli
    <> wrote:

    > ok, you used PG_locked that already exists for another purpose so it was
    > not clear, another bitflag would be ok.

    I forgot PG_locked already existed :)

    > the main remaining issue to solve (and run at runtime) is the logic is
    > to keep this flag consistent with all vmas pointing to the page having
    > VM_LOCKED set. I'm not sure if it's worth it.

    That's been the main stumbling block to anyone actually trying it. It
    involves per-page housekeeping at every mlock() and every time a locked vma
    gets unmapped.

    > what we do in 2.4 and that works pretty well, that is simply to refile
    > pages into the active list if they're mlocked, so we don't waste too
    > much cpu on them since we don't analyze them too often. this should work
    > pretty well for everybody, or peraphs google may prefer to have a fully
    > consistent PG_mlocked.

    The point would be to have a way of finding and skipping the locked page
    before we go look up the vmas for it. 2.4 doesn't have that problem
    because it's working from the vma.

    Dave McCracken

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