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    SubjectRe: ANYONE? Re: SMP + Hyperthreading / Asus PCDL Deluxe / Kernel 2.4.x 2.6.x / Crash/Freeze
    On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Richard Browning wrote:

    > As I suggested in the original post, the problem can be triggered simply by
    > executing ./configure - the kernel corrupts when gcc does its thing. I can
    > boot into KDE, run Enemy Territory, execute a Java compile, and so on. But
    > the thing absolutely and most definitely able to upset the cart is to execute
    > gcc.

    Aha! A single thread? A specific asm insn? Is gcc --version enough to kill
    the machine? Or on smth like
    int main(void)
    {return 0;}
    gcc -E; gcc -S; gcc -c; ld? Step-by-step with gdb (hopefully, gdb doesn't
    have this insn...). NMI watchdog?

    Guennadi Liakhovetski

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