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SubjectRe: finding out the value of HZ from userspace

>>>>>there is one. Nothing uses it
>>>>>(sysconf() provides this info)
>>>>Seems to me that it would be fairly trivial to modify those programs
>>>>(that should use this mechanism but don't) to use it? So why should
>>>>they be allowed to dictate kernel behaviour?
>>>quality of implementation; for example shell scripts that want to do
>>>echo 500 > /proc/sys/foo/bar/something_in_HZ
>>>or /etc/sysctl.conf or ...
>>Then write a simple program already. How hard is it to write a program
>>that does a sysconf() and returns (as ascii of course) just the
>>value of HZ? Then do some trivial calculation off of that.
> How about a slightly more useful utility, like this:
> $ getconf CLK_TCK
> 100
> $ getconf OPEN_MAX
> 1024
> $ getconf PATH_MAX /proc/
> 4096
> $

Yes, yes, yes, I like that one actually.

It does solve the shell script issues and we've never said that things
don't need to adapt to changes before so I don't see why not now.

And that one would be good to have regardless of the HZ issue.

// Stefan
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