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Subject[PATCH] cpu hotplug fix

start_cpu_timer was changed to __init a few hours before the cpu hotplug
patches went in. With cpu hotplug it can be called at any time, so fix


===== slab.c 1.125 vs edited =====
--- 1.125/mm/slab.c Wed Mar 17 13:10:10 2004
+++ edited/slab.c Sat Mar 20 17:34:57 2004
@@ -576,7 +576,7 @@
* Add the CPU number into the expiry time to minimize the possibility of the
* CPUs getting into lockstep and contending for the global cache chain lock.
-static void __init start_cpu_timer(int cpu)
+static void start_cpu_timer(int cpu)
struct timer_list *rt = &per_cpu(reap_timers, cpu);

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