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    SubjectRe: 2.6.3-mm4 / 2.5 Gb memory / sym53c8xx_2 won't boot
    Jurriaan <> wrote:
    > After upgrading my memory from 1 Gb to 2.5 Gb my 2.6.3-mm4 kernel
    > wouldn't boot anymore.
    > It hang when detecting the scsi-chip.
    > I had in my .config:
    > the default value.
    > The scsi bus kept resetting before detecting any devices. Interestingly,
    > 2.6.3-mm1 did boot with that .config setting. Once I recompiled
    > 2.6.3-mm4 with
    > it booted (and worked) fine.
    > So, something regressed in 2.6.3-mm4 versus 2.6.3-mm1, so the default
    > setting didn't work correctly anymore.

    I don't know what caused this - there are a few patches in there which
    touch the DMA and BIO highmem areas. Plus always the latest scsi
    development tree.

    > If there is anything I can test, please let me know.

    Could you test Linus's current tree? The first link at

    If this bug hasn't hit Linus's tree yet, it will soon do so...
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