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SubjectRe: True fsync() in Linux (on IDE)
On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 22:47, Jens Axboe wrote:

> > There is solution just to disable drive write cache, but it seems to
> > slowdown performance way to much.
> Chris and I have working real fsync() with the barrier patches. I'll
> clean it up and post a patch for vanilla 2.6.5-rc today.

Good to hear. How is it going to work from user point of view ?
Just fsync working back again or there would be some special handling.

Also. What is about fsync() in 2.6 nowadays ?

I've done some tests on 3WARE RAID array and it looks like it is
different compared to 2.4 I've been testing previously.

I have the simple test which has single page writes to the file followed
by fsync(). First run give you the case when file grows with each
write, second when you're writing to existing file space.

The results I have on 2.4 is something like 40 sec per 1000 fsyncs for
new file, and 0.6 sec for existing file.

With 2.6.3 I have both existing file and new file to complete in less
than 1 second.

Peter Zaitsev, Senior Support Engineer

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