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    SubjectRe: vmware on linux 2.6.4
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    > On 17 Mar 04 at 16:19, Mark Watts wrote:
    > > > > Suggestions welcome.
    > > >
    > > > what vmware version do you use? Please make sure you've updated to
    > > > latest any-any update from (1.)
    > >
    > > What does this update actually do?
    > I would suggest reading changelog from any-any update. Entries after
    > update50 (and second half of update50) are ones which are NOT in modules
    > which come with WS4.5.1. If modules coming with WS4.5.1 work for you,
    > fine. If they do not work, you know where to find update...

    Ah great - we're using WS4.5.1 and I see that the any-any updates from -50
    probably don't apply to Mandrake 10.0

    > Update does not handle GSX 3.0 yet, so if you are using GSX 3.0, you
    > should stick with officially supported host kernels (if you bought
    > GSX, you probably want to have support, and so you should use only
    > supported hosts anyway).

    We're actually toying with getting a copy of GSX - does it support 2.6 at all?


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