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SubjectRe: deactivate dm disks?
> > I was playing with evms (2.2 kernel 2.6.3 vanilla) and some reason, it
> > grabbed my usb disk (sde) and won't let go of it. Is there any way I can
> > make it let go of the disk? It grabbed sde1 and sde2 of the disk.
> You can put entries in your /etc/evms.conf file to tell EVMS to ignore certain
> disks (e.g. if you don't want it to examine sde). See the "legacy_devices"
> section (for 2.4 kernels) and/or the "sysfs_devices" section (for 2.6
> kernels).

Ok, great, that works.

> > I tried the deactivate which just gave me an invalid argument. I really do
> > not wish to reboot this machine just to remove the usb disk.
> If you have the "dmsetup" tool, you can issue a "dmsetup remove_all" command
> to deactivate all the DM devices. Just make sure all the DM devices are
> unmounted, or it won't actually release the underlying disks. Dmsetup is part
> of the device-mapper package, available at

Ahh, thanks. That did the trick.

> > I also noticed it wanted to grab my partitions on sda which were already
> > mounted and couldn't grab them.
> Again, you can add an "exclude" entry in your /etc/evms.conf if you want EVMS
> to ignore sda. Otherwise, have a look at

I think I'll only give it disks that I want in evms. The "sde" is a USB
disk that I move around alot.

If you're not the right person to ask, please direct me to someone else.
I was going to do a raid5 across a few disks (this is in the future not
now). Is there any way to add disks to that raid5 using evms?

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