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    SubjectRe: 3-order allocation failed with cdda2wav
        Hi Jens :)

    * Jens Axboe <> dixit:
    > > Maybe a cdda2wav problem? Kernel problem?
    > You can ignore the messages, but yeah I know they are annoying...

    If I can safely ignore them, the only problem is the waste of
    sectors for my /var/log/messages ;))) Men, you've answered REAL fast
    ;))) Thanks a lot :)

    > > In addition to this problem, I have another one, this time
    > > related with interfaces: if I use the SCSI generic interface with
    > > cdda2wav, it runs without problems (well, except that noted above)
    > > but uses a lot of CPU (up to 60%), so I tested with cooked_ioctl
    > > interface, and then the CPU use drops to 4% but I got two error
    > > messages about CDIOCSETCDDA not available, but the allocation problem
    > > DOES NOT HAPPEN :?
    > > Any help? Thanks in advance :)
    > Upgrade to 2.6.5-rc1, it'll solve all your problems in this area :-)

    Thanks for the advice :) I'm planning to switch to 2.6.x, but
    first I must make a list with all software I must upgrade together
    with the kernel. Moreover, I had in mind switching at 2.6.10.

    Thanks a lot for answering so fast and for the advice :))

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

    Linux Registered User 88736 &
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