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Subject[ANNOUNCE] WOLK v2.0 for Kernel v2.6.4
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Hi all,

2nd WOLK version for 2.6. Apply ontop of a vanilla 2.6.4 from

Tell me what you think, how it works, what I've missed, what should go in bla
bla you know what I mean ;)

Have fun :)

- ---------
I haven't merged grsecurity v2 nor Win4Lin into mainstream WOLK for 2.6.
Currently, I won't break users of 4g/4g, 4k stacks nor uml-skas3, currently a
no-go with grsecurity. Win4Lin is Desktop Usage, so if you want that, apply
it manually. Both patches are located in the patch itself in
the ./ADDON-patches directory after applying the main patch. Apply as usual.

Changelog from v2.6.3-wolk1.0 -> v2.6.4-wolk2.0
- -----------------------------------------------
merged with 2.6.4 final (Linus Torvalds)
merged with 2.6.4-mm1 (Andrew Morton)

o ADDON: grsecurity v2.0 for 2.6.4 (Brad Spengler)
o ADDON: Win4Lin v5.0 support (Netraverse)

o added: IP stealth mode (Sean Trifero)
o added: IP nmap freak (Jaguar)
o added: IBM ASM Service Processor Device Driver (IBM Corporation)
o added: Microsoft encryption/compression (MPPE/MPPC) 0.99 (Jan Dubiec)
o added: ACPI: Read DSDT from initrd (Markus Gaugusch)
o added: Emulex LP fibre channel adapter cards v2.10a (Emulex)
o added: Application Layer 7 Netfilter v0.6 (Ethan Sommer)
o added: Application Layer 7 Netfilter Childlevel v1.0 (Ethan Sommer)
o added: "reallyquiet" boot option to shut up all console (me)
log level output
o added: Allow protocol 254 (Paul Mackerras/Omkhar)
o added: Balance IRQs more readily (Adam Litke)
o added: IMQ Target / Device support (Marcel Sebek)
o added: Allow reading last block (write not) (Andrea Arcangeli)
o added: LUFS v0.97 (Florin Malita)
o added: shfs v0.32 (Miroslav Spousta)
o added: CDfs v2.6.3 (Michiel Ronsse)
o added: PRAMfs v1.0.2 (Steve Longerbeam)
o added: JFS DMAPI (XDSM) support v1.0 (IBM Corporation)
o added: Infiniband support (Topspin Comm.)
o added: most of 2.6-tiny tree (Matt Mackall)
o added: NFS ACL protocol extension (SuSE GmbH)
o added: KDB v4.3 (Keith Owens)
o added: Event Logging support (evlog) v2.6.0 (IBM Corporation)
o added: UML skas-3 (Jeff Dike)
o added: kernel statd implementation (Olaf Kirch)
o added: Hauppauge WinTv PVR 250/350 boards 0.1.8 support (Steven Fuerst)
o added: BSD accounting-6 (Tim Schmielau)
o added: TuX v3-2.6.3-B4 (Ingo Molnar)
o added: Allow/Disallow net devices to contribute to the (Robert Love)
kernel entropy pool (aka netdev-random).
o added: IPv6 Mobility (MIPv6) support (IBM Corporation)
o added: Bind mount Extensions (BME) v0.03 (Herbert Poetzel)
o added: Broadcom BCM4400 v3.0.7 (Broadcom Corporation)
o added: ReiserFS v3: quota support (Chris Mason)
o added: ReiserFS v3: support for nested transactions (Chris Mason)
o added: ReiserFS v3: data=ordered support, along with (Chris Mason)
a journal header attached to the buffer head.
o fixed: ReiserFS v3: lowers reiserfs latencies by adding (Chris Mason)
conditional schedules
o fixed: ReiserFS v3: bug where a change in tree height (Chris Mason)
might not be detected
o fixed: ReiserFS v3: data corruption bug (Chris Mason)
o fixed: ReiserFS v3: removed old stale debugging code (Chris Mason)
o fixed: ReiserFS v3: logging speedups for small (Chris Mason)
transactions and fsync heavy applications
o fixed: HugePages works now (no one)
o fixed: ide-cd DMA audio ripping (Jens Axboe)
(before it was: slow, now it is: hyper fast)
o fixed: typo in fs/ext3/acl.c (me)
o fixed: cleanup include/linux/sysctl.h unreadability (me)
o fixed: Twofish: loop_func_table->transfer changed (Andrea Arcangeli)
o updated: Qlogic QLA2xxx v8.00.00b11 (Qlogic Corporation)
o updated: XFS CVS-2004-03-08_06:00_UTC (SGI)
o updated: Broadcom BCM5700 driver v7.2.15 (Broadcom Corporation)
o updated: Compaq SMART2 Driver v2.6.0 (Compaq)
o updated: ReiserFS v3 extended attributes (SuSE GmbH)
o updated: ReiserFS v3 POSIX Access Control Lists (SuSE GmbH)
o updated: ReiserFS v3 Security Labels (SuSE GmbH)
o updated: Bootsplash v3.1.4 (SuSE GmbH)
o updated: dmesg cleanup (me)
o updated: CFQ I/O scheduler with ionice support (Jens Axboe)
- ionice.c in ./userspace-programs (Jens Axboe)
o updated: autoregulate swappiness v9 (Con Colivas)
o removed: ReiserFS v4 (Namesys)
- far away from near production ready
o changed: Lower timeout values for IPv4 Netfilter code (me)
o changed: I like /proc/config.gz only for root (me)

- ----
o Linux Trustees
o menu cleanups
o DRBD once it's ported to 2.6
o vservers for 2.6 once Herbert comes up with a patch
o _____ <add more things if you want>

- --------
d854d329066893200ca89e24ff5b45d7 linux-2.6.4-wolk2.0.patch.bz2
a89f6c372a33be0d7f9b749a60373b27 linux-2.6.4-wolk2.0.patch.gz

- --
Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen

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