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    SubjectRe: 2.6.4-mm1
    Mickael Marchand <> writes:

    > [snip]
    >> > while I am at it, I am running a 64 bits kernel with 32 bits debian
    >> > testing and it seems some ioctl conversion fails
    >> > that happened with all 2.6 I tried.
    >> > here is the relevant kernel messages part :
    >> > ioctl32(dmsetup:26199): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(c134fd00){01} arg(0804c0b0)
    >> > on /dev/mapper/control
    >> The device mapper version 1 ioctl interface was removed. Perhaps you need
    >> to update your dm tools?
    > the debian tools are built with ioctlv4 (and compat for v1)
    > I also tried with my own compiled dm tools from source without success

    If it just uses them for compatibility probes then the ioctl handler can
    be silenced.

    >> > ioctl32(fsck.reiserfs:201): Unknown cmd fd(4) cmd(80081272){00}
    >> > arg(ffffdab8) on /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part4
    >> Is this something which 2.6 has always done, or is it new behaviour?
    > always since 2.6 IIRC
    >> reiserfs ioctl translation appears to be incomplete...
    > ha :)

    I will take a look at it.


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