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SubjectRe: blk_congestion_wait racy?

> Yes, sorry, all the world's an x86 :( Could you please send me whatever
> diffs were needed to get it all going?

I am just preparing that mail :-)

> I thought you were running a 256MB machine? Two seconds for 400 megs of
> swapout? What's up?

Roughly 400 MB of swapout. And two seconds isn't that bad ;-)

> An ouch-per-second sounds reasonable. It could simply be that the CPUs
> were off running other tasks - those timeout are less than scheduling
> quanta.

I don't understand why an ouch-per-second is reasonable. The mempig is
the only process that runs on the machine and the blk_congestion_wait
uses HZ/10 as timeout value. I'd expect about 100 ouches for the 10
seconds the test runs.

The 4x performance difference remains not understood.

blue skies,

Linux/390 Design & Development, IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
Schönaicherstr. 220, D-71032 Böblingen, Telefon: 49 - (0)7031 - 16-2247

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