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SubjectRe: [Swsusp-devel] Re: Dropping CONFIG_PM_DISK?
Thus wrote Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
> > USB UHCI driver could be a fine example of a regression -- it could survive
> > suspend in 2.4 under certain conditions, this is no longer true for 2.6.
> >
> > There's also a great deal of people, who can't resume when AGP is being
> > used -- that is again a regression over 2.4.
> >
> > The above are major showstoppers for most laptop users that already got
> > used to stable and reliable swsusp and hence prefer to stick with 2.4.
> Oh... and what about looking into the problem instead and adding/fixing
> the necessary stuff ? It's not _that_ rocket science (and I have no
> UHCI hardware to do it myself, thanks).

Well, the AGP problem is black magic to me. Those hangs / reboots happen
during the copying of the original kernel back (when S4 is concerned) and
that's completely beyond me, sorry.

I did try to look into the USB problem back then, but again, I couldn't
find anything significantly different between 2.4 and 2.6, so I backed out.
Anyway, you're still right about that one should fix it instead of
Best regards,

Karol 'sziwan' Kozimor
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