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    SubjectRe: 2.6.2-mm1 xfs OOPS (when mounting root fs)
    I'm sorry, it just seemed to me like oops so i did not look for the
    "oops" word and treated it as oops. So I was searching for oopses in the
    I'll triple check it says oops next time I'm gonna report any oopses (as
    much as I hope i won't see any:) ).

    Tomas Zvala

    Ed Tomlinson wrote:

    >On February 09, 2004 09:12 am, Tomas Zvala wrote:
    >>Well i hope i correctly identified lkml as the proper mailing list to
    >>report this.
    >>I've got these oopses(oopses.txt attachment) when my XFS root filesystem
    >>gets mounted. Im also attaching my /proc/config.gz and xfs_info output.
    >>If you need any more info let me know please.
    >And where in this does it say oops? This is a debug trace. It indicates a
    >problem can could cause pain later - it is NOT an oops.
    >lkml is the place to report it. however, it is a good idea to search the archives
    >to see if its already known - in this case it definitly is.

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