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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.3-rc2
Yay! :)

Testing time ^_^

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 19:17:37 -0800 (PST), Linus Torvalds
<> wrote:

> Uhhuh. There was a bit more pending, so here's a -rc2. Now please calm
> down, I'd like this to have some time to stabilize..
> The rc1->rc2 changes are mostly driver side stuff: PnP update, USB, ACPI,
> IRDA, i2c, hotplug-PCI and netdrivers etc. But there's a NFSv4 update and
> soem XFS fixes there too.
> And some ARM and sparc updates.
> Linus
> Summary of changes from v2.6.3-rc1 to v2.6.3-rc2
> ============================================
> Adam Belay:
> o PCI: Remove uneeded resource structures from pci_dev
> o [PNP]: Fix Serial PnP driver
> o [PNP]: Resource flags update
> o [PNP]: Disable resources fix
> o [PNP]: Avoid static requests
> o [PNP] Move ID declarations
> o [PNP]: file2alias support
> o [PNP]: Card matching code fix
> o [PNP]: Add additonal sysfs entries
> o [PNP]: Cleanup Kconfig
> Adrian Bunk:
> o USB: remove USB_SCANNER from the build
> Alan Stern:
> o USB gadget: file_storage.c -- remove device_unregister_wait()
> o USB gadget: fix usb/gadget/file_storage.c doesn't compile with gcc
> 2.95
> o USB: change uhci maintainer
> o USB: fix unneeded SubClass entry in unusual_devs.h
> Alexander Viro:
> o [netdrvr qeth] use alloc_etherdev instead of hand-allocating struct
> net_device
> o [netdrvr meth] use alloc_etherdev; fix leaks on error/cleanup
> o [wireless ray_cs] use alloc_etherdev
> o [netdrvr ne3210] remove #if 0'd code
> o [appletalk ipddp] dynamically allocate struct net_device
> o [arcnet com90io] use alloc_netdev
> o [arcnet arc-rimi] use alloc_netdev; module params; fix bugs on
> error/cleanup
> o [arcnet com20020] netdev dynamic alloc; module params; fix bugs
> o [arcnet com90xx] netdev dynamic alloc; module params; fix bugs
> o [arcnet] create and use alloc_arcdev helper
> o [netdrvr ppp] netdev dynamic alloc; convert ppp_net_init to
> alloc_netdev setup function
> o [wan synclink] netdev dynamic alloc
> o [wan cosa] netdev dyamic alloc
> o net_device and netdev private struct allocation improvements
> o [hamradio dmascc] convert embedded net_device to dynamic allocation
> o [char synclinkmp] convert net_device to dynamic allocation
> o [pcmcia] synclink_cs] convert net_device to dynamic allocation
> o [atm clip] convert to using alloc_netdev(), const-offset priv
> o [netdrvr] s/kfree/free_netdev/ where appropriate
> o [wireless wl3501_cs] remove unused constructor
> o [netdrvr] convert most 8390 drivers to using alloc_ei_netdev()
> o [netdrvr smc-mca] alloc_ei_netdev(), other fixes
> o [netdrvr pcnet_cs] alloc_ei_netdev-associated cleanups
> o [netdrvr 8390] convert 8390 lib to use const-offset priv struct
> o [NET] s/kfree/free_netdev/ in bridge driver
> o [netdrvr axnet_cs] use embedded private struct
> o [netdrvr ns83820] Switched to sane net_device allocation
> o [netdrvr ns83820] Plugs the races around too early
> register_netdev()
> o [netdrvr ibmlana] ibmlana switched to sane allocation, leaks fixed
> o [netdrvr] A bunch of gratitious ->init() killed; several leaks
> plugged
> o [netdrvr 8390] Forgotten return 0; removed
> o [netdrvr pcnet32] Added missing check and cleanup for
> register_netdev() failure in pcnet32
> o [netdrvr ibmtr, ibmtr_cs] cleanup and leak fixes
> o [irda sa1100_ir] convert to using standard alloc_irdadev()
> o Fix imm/ppa initializing bug in driver updates
> Andrew Morton:
> o [netdrvr] new-probe warning fix
> o USB: gcc-3.5: drivers/usb/gadget/net2280.c
> o USB: gcc-3.5: drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c
> o USB: gcc-3.5: drivers/usb/misc/uss720.c
> o USB: gcc-3.5: drivers/usb/storage/usb.c
> o Fix qla2xxx warnings
> o v850: Add some #includes for the v850 to eliminate some compiler
> warnings
> o v850: Define ARCH_HAS_*_EXTABLE macros for v850
> o v850: make __delay function handle a loop count of zero
> o add device id to radeonfb
> o Fix ppa/imm warnings
> o Fix __filemap_fdatawrite() comment
> o bitmap_snprintf() optimization
> o alpha: fix build error due to __attribute_const__ conversion
> o vx222_ops.c warning fix
> o cciss: PCI BAR sizing fix
> o cciss: Fix freeing of incorrect IO memory address
> o cciss: Add support for SA 6i embedded controller
> o cciss: IRQ sharing fix
> o cciss: disble prefetching in ASIC
> o cciss: intialisation oops fix
> o cciss: avoid reading PCI config space
> o cciss: printk format fix
> o cciss: improve /proc presentation
> o cciss: use pci_module_init()
> o cciss: rmmod oops fix
> o NFS: fix for older gcc's
> o Remove duplicated HPPA bits in kernel/sysctl.c
> o getxattr error checking fix
> Andrew Vasquez:
> o qla2xxx Kconfig fix
> Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
> o remove MOD_INC_USE_COUNT from drivers/ide/
> o fix ns87415.c for PA-RISC Super I/O chip
> o fix too early probing of default IDE ports
> o fix duplication of DMA {black,white}list in icside.c
> o fix OOPS for multiple IDE PCI modules and CONFIG_PROC_FS=y
> Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
> o ide-cd: incorrect use of sector_div
> Christoph Hellwig:
> o [SUNRPC]: Use completions instead of sleep_on for rpciod
> o [XFS] Fix buffer teardown on _pagebuf_lookup_pages failure
> o [XFS] Remove the lockable/not lockable buffer distinction
> o [XFS] plug a pagebuf leak
> o [XFS] Avoid NULL returns from pagebuf_get
> o [XFS] Fix gcc 3.5 compilation for real
> Dan Scholnik:
> o USB: fix Casio digicam entry in unusual_devs.h
> David Brownell:
> o USB: fix Bug 1821: sleeping function called
> o USB: remove pci_unmap_single() calls from usbcore
> o PCI: dma_pool fixups
> o USB Gadget: ethernet gadget locking tweaks
> o USB Gadget: pxa2xx_udc updates
> o USB: usbtest updates
> o USB: usbnet updates (new devices)
> o USB: USB misc OHCI updates
> o USB: re-factor enumeration/reset paths
> David Martínez Moreno:
> o I2C: fix typos
> David S. Miller:
> o [SPARC]: Fix AIO syscall numbering
> o [ECONET]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable. Noticed by
> yoshfuji
> Deepak Saxena:
> o PCI: Replace pci_pool with generic dma_pool
> o PCI: Replace pci_pool with generic dma_pool, part 2
> o USB: remove reference to usb_hcd.refcnt in ohci-sa111.c
> Dely Sy:
> o PCI: Patch to get cpqphp working with IOAPIC
> Dominik Brodowski:
> o [ACPI] update passive cooling algorithm from Dominik Brodowski
> o [ACPI] remove unnecessary check in acpi-cpufreq driver from Dominik
> Brodowski
> o [ACPI] update _PPC handling -- from Dominik Brodowski
> o [ACPI] acpi-cpufreq fixups from Dominik Brodowski
> o [ACPI] more acpi-cpufreq fixups from Dominik Brodowski
> o [ACPI] Move the _PSS and _PCT access to drivers/acpi/processor.c so
> that it can be used by various low-level drivers (centrino,
> acpi-io, powernow-k{7,8}, ...) from Dominik Brodowski
> o [ACPI] Move the /proc/acpi/processor/./performance output to
> drivers/acpi/processor.c -- it's the same for all lowlevel drivers.
> o [ACPI] Abstract the registration method between low-level drivers
> and the ACPI Processor P-States driver.
> o [ACPI] add _PDC support
> o [ACPI] make # of performance states dynamic
> Eric Sandeen:
> o [XFS] Make more xfs errors trappable with panic_mask
> Eugene Teo:
> o Kobject: export some missing symbols
> Geert Uytterhoeven:
> o m68k-related net driver fixes
> o sun3-related net driver fixes
> o 2.6.x experimental net driver queue fix
> o I2C: add Hydra i2c bus driver
> Greg Kroah-Hartman:
> o USB: remove unused usb-debug.c file
> o PCI: add back some pci.ids entries that got deleted in the last big
> update
> o dmapool: use dev_err() whenever we can to get the better
> information in it
> o USB: add support for the Aceeca Meazura device to the visor driver
> o I2C: fix oops when CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_CORE is enabled and the bttv
> driver is loaded
> o Driver core: remove device_unregister_wait() as it's a very bad
> idea
> o dmapool: Remove sentance in documentation that is now false on 2.6
> o USB: remove scanner driver files
> o PCI: remove stupid MSI debugging code that was never used
> o PCI: move pci_msi.h out of include/linux to drivers/pci where it
> belongs
> o USB: fix bug number 1980 about keyspan devices not getting
> recognized
> o Driver Core: fix up list_for_each() calls to list_for_each_entry()
> o dmapool: fix up list_for_each() calls to list_for_each_entry()
> Hideaki Yoshifuji:
> o [IPV6]: Kill broken and unused IPV6_AUTHHDR support
> o [WANROUTER]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable
> o [PACKET]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable
> o [IPVS]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable
> o [IPV4/IGMP]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable
> o [NETFILER/ipt_REJECT]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable
> o [IPV6]: Use LL_RESERVED_SPACE() where applicable
> Hirofumi Ogawa:
> o [AF_UNIX]: Print out paths correctly in /proc/net/unix, matching
> 2.4.x
> James Bottomley:
> o SCSI: undelete qlogicfc driver
> Jean Delvare:
> o I2C: Bring w83l785ts in compliance with sysfs naming conventions
> o I2C: Handle read errors in w83l785ts
> o I2C: add new driver, gl518sm
> o I2C: Update I2C maintainers entry
> o I2C: add new chip driver: fscher
> Jean Tourrilhes:
> o [IRDA]: Ultra sendto support
> o [IRDA]: IrLAP disconnection pending race
> o [IRDA]: Remove net notifier
> o [IRDA]: nsc-ircc irq retval
> o [IRDA]: ali-ircc irq retval
> o [IRDA]: smsc-ircc2 irq retval
> o [IRDA]: via-ircc irq retval
> o [IRDA]: w83977af_ir irq retval
> Jeff Garzik:
> o [netdrvr bonding] fix broken build
> Jens Axboe:
> o ide-cd invalidate toc cache on last close
> Jes Sorensen:
> o [ACPI] Check for overflow when parsing MADT entries from Jes
> Sorensen
> John Belmonte:
> o toshiba_acpi 0.17 from John Belmonte
> Jon Smirl:
> o Driver core: add hotplug support for class_simple
> Jonathan Corbet:
> o Char drivers: cdev_unmap()
> Karol Kozimor:
> o acpi4asus update from Karol 'sziwan' Kozimor
> Kevin Owen:
> o USB: ehci - clear TT buffer command patch
> Len Brown:
> o [ACPI] add Bruno Ducrot to CREDITS
> o fix build error from undefined NR_IRQ_VECTORS
> o [ACPI] quiet numa boot -- from Jes Sorensen
> o [ACPI] proposed fix for AML parameter passing from Bob Moore
> o [ACPI] fix IA64 build warning from Martin Hicks
> Linus Torvalds:
> o Don't read i8042 data if no data exists
> o Make SET_INPUT_KEYCODE return the old value, and clean up users of
> this that were very confused indeed.
> o Add forward-declaration of "struct nfs4_client" to make nfs_idmap.h
> independent of CONFIG_NFS4 and other header files.
> o Clean up dentry pointer validation by moving it into a function of
> its own.
> o Linux 2.6.3-rc2
> Marcelo Tosatti:
> o Fix pc300_tty.c -> implement tiocmset/tiocmget
> Markus Demleitner:
> o USB: DSBR-100 tiny patch
> Matthew Dobson:
> o PCI: fix "pcibus_class" Device Class, release function
> Matthew Wilcox:
> o PA-RISC needs IPC64 structs
> o PA-RISC Harmony driver update
> o New ptrace.h definitions
> Nathan Scott:
> o [XFS] Use list_move for moving pagebufs between lists, not
> list_add/list_del
> o [XFS] Fix compile warning, ensure _pagebuf_lookup_pages return
> value is inited
> o [XFS] Add back a missing pflags check in releasepage
> o [XFS] Fix data loss when writing into unwritten extents while
> memory is being reclaimed
> o [XFS] Fix a trivial compiler warning, remove some no-longer-used
> macros
> o [XFS] Update XFS config entries - add security entry, update ACL
> entry
> Olaf Hering:
> o USB storage: fix sign bug in usb-storage datafab
> Oliver Neukum:
> o USB: fix DMA to stack in tt-usb
> o USB: fix URB leak in belkin driver
> Petri Koistinen:
> o [SCTP]: Unify URL referencing in Kconfig documentation
> o [NET_SCHED]: Unify URL referencing in Kconfig documentation
> o [IPV6]: Unify URL referencing in Kconfig documentation
> o [IPVS]: Unify URL referencing in Kconfig documentation
> o USB: usb-storage Kconfig_URL_update
> o USB: drivers/usb/net config URI update and unify
> o USB: drivers/usb/misc/Kconfig URI update & unify: modules.txt
> o USB: drivers/usb/input/Kconfig URI unify
> o USB: drivers/usb/media/Kconfig URL fixups
> Rolf Eike Beer:
> o PCI Hotplug: coding style for cpqphp_pci.c
> o PCI Hotplug: Whitespace fixes for acpiphp
> o PCI Hotplug: Kill spaces before \n in ibmphp*
> o PCI Hotplug: Kill useless instructions from ibmphp_core.c
> o PCI: avoid two returns directly after each other in pcidriver.c
> o PCI Hotplug: Coding style fixes for drivers/pci/hotplug.c
> o PCI Hotplug: very small optimisations for ibmphp_pci.c
> o PCI Hotplug: kill hpcrc from several functions in ibmphp_core.c
> o PCI Hotplug: make ibm_unconfigure_device void
> o PCI Hotplug: mark functions __init/__exit in acpiphp
> o PCI Hotplug: Convert error paths in ibmphp to use goto
> Russell King:
> o [netdrvr pcmcia] fix hot unplugging
> o [irda sa1100_ir] "resurrect from bitrot hell"
> o [ARM] Fix asm syntax for gcc3
> o [ARM] Use scsi_host_{alloc,put}() rather than scsi_{un,}register()
> o [ARM] Add prefix to driver constants to prevent namespace clashes
> Shmulik Hen:
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Simplify ifenslave
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Consolidate prints
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - death of typedefs
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - remove dead code
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Consolidate timer handling
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Fix handling of bond->primary
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Remove multicast_mode module param
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Fix slave list iteration
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Consolidate function declarations
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - consolidate param names of function params
> and variables
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Re-org struct bonding members (re-send)
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - consolidate return values of functions
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Consolidate conditions & statements
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Consolidate error handling in all xmit
> functions
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Whitespace cleanup
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - empty lines cleanup
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - fix indentations
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Code re-org
> o bonding cleanup 2.6 - Fix rejects from previous patches
> Sridhar Samudrala:
> o [SCTP] provide valid tos and oif values for ip_route_output_key.
> (
> o [SCTP] Add sysctl parameters to update socket send/receive buffers
> o [SCTP] Removed the deprecated ADLER32 checksum support
> o [SCTP] Removed SCTP specific rmem/wmem sysctl's and use the global
> rmem_default/wmem_default values for SCTP socket buffer sizes.
> Stephen Hemminger:
> o [netdrvr skfddi] use PCI hotplug API; other cleanups
> o USB: fix usb hc and shared irq handling
> o USB: uhci - unused urbp element
> Tom Rini:
> o USB: mark the scanner driver BROKEN
> Tony Lindgren:
> o USB: Update ohci-omap to compile
> Trond Myklebust:
> o NFSv4/RPCSEC_GSS: Ensure that RPC userland upcalls time out
> correctly if the corresponding userland daemon is not up and
> running.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: More fixes to the upcall mechanism
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Make the upcalls detect if the userland daemon dies
> while processing a request.
> o NFSv4: Fix an Oopsable condition if we fail to get the root
> directory under NFSv4.
> o NFSv4: Bugfixes for the NFSv4 client name to uid mapper
> o NFSv4: Bugfixes and cleanups for the NFSv4 client name to uid
> mapper. Includes a fix by Tim Woods to deal with a caching bug in
> the case where a user and a group share the same numerical id
> and/or name.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Make it safe to share crypto tfms among multiple
> threads.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Oops. Major memory leak here
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Fix two more memory leaks found by the Stanford
> checker.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Fix yet more memory leaks
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Miscellaneous cleanups of the krb5 code required for
> the integrity checksumming mode.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Instead of having gss_get_mic allocate memory for the
> mic, require the caller to pass an output buffer whose data pointer
> already points to preallocated memory.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Client-side only support for rpcsec_gss integrity
> protection. Since this requires checksumming an entire request,
> instead of just the header, and since the request may include, for
> example, pages with write data, we modify the gss_api routines to
> pass xdr_bufs instead of xdr_netobjs where necessary.
> o RPCSEC_GSS: Move the gss sequence number history from the task
> structure to the request structure, where it makes more sense.
> o RPC: xdr_encode_pages either leaves the tail iovec pointing to null
> or, if padding onthe page data is needed, sets it to point to a
> little bit of static data. This is a problem if we're expecting to
> later append some data in gss_wrap_req. Modify xdr_encode_pages to
> make tail point to the end of the data in head, as xdr_inline_pages
> and xdr_write_pages do.
> o RPC: Add support for sharing the same RPC transport and credential
> caches between different mountpoints by allowing cloning of the
> rpc_client struct.
> o NFSv4/RPCSEC_GSS: Make Frank's server->client_sys feature use RPC
> cloning in order to avoid duplicating sockets etc. Make NFSv4 share
> a single socket for all communication to the same server.
> o NFSv4: Convert the RENEW operation from using nfs4_compound, to
> being a standalone RPC call in preparation for the renew daemon
> o NFSv4: Convert the lease renewal daemon from being per-mountpoint
> to being per-server. Instead of running it on top of rpciod,
> convert it to use keventd. This mean we can use the struct
> nfs4_client semaphores for ordering purposes.
> o NFSv4: Split out the code for retrieving static server information
> out of the GETATTR compound.
> o NFSv4: Convert SETCLIENTID and SETCLIENTID_CONFIRM to be standalone
> operations. Ensure that SETCLIENTID_CONFIRM always returns the
> lease timeout length.
> o NFSv4: Don't translate those NFSv4 errors that are needed by the
> kernel itself into EIO.
> o NFSv4: Preparation for the server reboot recovery code
> o NFSv4: Basic code for recovering file OPEN state after a server
> reboot.
> o RPC/NFSv4: Allow lease RENEW calls to be soft (i.e. to time
> o RPC: Ensure that we disconnect TCP sockets if there has been no NFS
> traffic for the last 5 minutes. This code also affects NFSv2/v3.
> o NFSv4: Atomic open(). Fixes races w.r.t. opening files
> o NFSv4: Share open_owner structs between several different
> processes. Reduces the load on the server.
> o NFSv4: Fix a bug which was causing Oopses if the client was
> mounting more than one partition from the same server.
> o NFSv4: Add support for POSIX file locking
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