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SubjectRe: ext3 on raid5 failure
Theodore Ts'o wrote:

> Was it just the permissions screwy? Was the contents of these files
> with the "funny" permission sane, or did they contain garbage? What
> about the modtime of the files?

Only permissions. Something like r-Sr-S--- . File contents were OK.

> The question is whether the problems you are seeing seem to be caused
> by wholesale corruption of an entire block of the inode table, or is
> some other kind of problem. For example, if only the permissions are
> getting screwed up, when the rest of the inode data is correct, then
> yes, it would most likely be a filesystem bug. I haven't noticed any
> such problem myself, but it's possible that something like that might
> be going on. On the other hand, if it is an entire block in the inode
> table getting corrupted then I'd be less likely to presume it to be a
> filesystem flaw.

It looks like this only appeared once. The FS looks fine now. So I guess
I won't be able to reproduce it. Let's just go to 2.6.[23] and see if
it happens again.



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