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    SubjectRe: FATAL: Kernel too old
    Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    > On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Charles Cazabon wrote:
    >>Richard B. Johnson <> wrote:
    >>>Script started on Fri Feb 6 15:44:32 2004
    >>># rlogin -l johnson quark
    >>>ATAL: kernel too old
    >>># rlogin -l johnson quark
    >>>ATAL: kernel too old
    >>I saw something similar at a customer's site, when someone rooted the box and
    >>replaced the default login shell with a rootkitted/backdoored one in a newer
    >>executable format not supported by the old kernel.
    >>>I crashed it and it rebooted fine, little fsck activity, with
    >>>nothing in any logs that shows there was any problem whatsoever.
    >>Did the problem go away with a reboot?
    > Sure. And if you can 'root' that machine, you are really
    > good! It isn't even visible to most of the company internally!

    You never know what your fellow employees will do... Where there is a
    will there is a way.

    If you don't think it got rooted, what did you or other employees do
    recently on that machine that would cause software to be changed? Did
    anybody do any upgrades? Unless you can confirm an alternate
    explanation then I'd assume it was rooted. If the machine was upgraded
    by downloading from the net, was the site you downloaded from secure?
    Just because a machine is behind many fire walls doesn't mean that it
    can't be rooted.

    - Bryan

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