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    SubjectRe: psmouse.c, throwing 3 bytes away
    Em Qui 05 Fev 2004 20:59, você escreveu:
    > The exception seems to be coming from
    > linux-2.6.2/drivers/input/mouse/psmouse-base.c, specifically from
    > if (psmouse->state == PSMOUSE_ACTIVATED &&
    > psmouse->pktcnt && time_after(jiffies, psmouse->last +
    > HZ/2)) {
    > printk(KERN_WARNING "psmouse.c: %s at %s lost
    > synchronization, throwing %d bytes away.\n",
    > psmouse->name, psmouse->phys, psmouse->pktcnt);
    > psmouse->pktcnt = 0;
    > }
    > where (for me) HZ is 1804768000, and therefore HZ/2 is 902384000,
    > psmouse->pktcnt is 3, and (I assume) PSMOUSE_ACTIVATED is non-0 after
    > boot. I assume that pktcnt is fed by interrupt, and the problem then is
    > that psmouse->last + HZ/2 blows past the jiffies value, causing the
    > warning message to be issued. When mouse service finally comes back,
    > pktcnt is non-zero (and possibly whatever the maximum is that it will
    > hold), and when it flushes, the mouse pointer goes nuts for a second.
    > The real problem then, is why does the sum of ps->last + HZ/2 grow to
    > beyond the size of jiffies (or what is delaying the mouse service)?
    > This is just a rough guesstimate of what is going on, but seems to fit
    > the facts. Cheers!
    > Bob
    Always in heavy load(like c++ compiling, high volume of VM operations),
    kernel jiffies are more large or short delay....

    Bug is solved?
    I am open to receive patchs for test!
    Please send when avaliable!


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