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    SubjectRe: kgdb support in vanilla 2.6.2
    "La Monte H.P. Yarroll" <> wrote:
    > Andrew Morton wrote:
    > >Pavel Machek <> wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > >>It seems that some kgdb support is in 2.6.2-linus:
    > >>
    > >>
    > >
    > >Lots of architectures have had in-kernel kgdb support for a long time.
    > >Just none of the three which I use :(
    > >
    > >I wouldn't support inclusion of i386 kgdb until it has had a lot of
    > >cleanup, possible de-featuritisification and some thought has been applied
    > >to splitting it into arch and generic bits. It's quite a lot of work.
    > >
    > >
    > Amit has started at least the third activity--he has split much of kgdb
    > into arch and generic bits.


    > Could you elaborate a little on the first two?
    > What major kinds of cleanup are we talking about? Style issues?

    Coding style compliance, reduction of ifdefs, etc. Reduction of patch
    footprint. There are a few features in the patch in -mm which I am not
    aware of anyone having used.

    > What features (or classes of features) do you find excessive? Would
    > it be sufficient to add a few config items to control subfeatures
    > of kgdb?

    People have added timestamping infrastructure, stack overflow testing and
    inbuilt assertion frameworks to various gdb stubs at various times. We
    need to take a look at such things and really convice ourselves that
    they're worthwhile. Personally, I'd only be interested in the basic stub.

    I need to take a look at Amit's current patch - it sounds good.

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