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SubjectRe: Promise PDC20269 (Ultra133 TX2) + Software RAID
Ryan Verner wrote:

> On 03/02/2004, at 2:08 PM, Ryan Verner wrote:
>> And the machine is randomly locking up, and of course, on reboot, the
>> raid array is rebuilt. Ouch. Any clues as to why? I'm sure the
>> hard drive hasn't failed as it's brand new; I suspect a chipset
>> compatibility problem or something.
> Definitely seems to be this. Swapped the drives back over to the
> onboard-IDE chipset, which is much slower (raid rebuilds at only
> 7MB/sec instead of 25), but certainly none of these problems.
> Known issue?


I'm getting this with the Promise 20376. Presumably not a hardware
problem: I can't reproduce it under Windows XP with Promise's supplied
Windows driver, and Jeff Garzik calls it a known bug -- "should have a
fix soon".

Jeff, is it "known" in the sense that you know roughly what goes wrong,
but just haven't gotten around to fixing it? I'd like to tinker and try
to fix it, but am "unfamiliar around those parts".

- Gulli

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