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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4.25: Get rid of obsolete LMC driver
    Daniel Egger wrote:
    > Hi Marcello,
    > This patch plus an additional
    > rm -r drivers/net/wan/lmc
    > gets rid of the obsolete LMC WAN driver and all references to it in the
    > and Makefiles and MAINTAINERS.
    > When LMC was taken over by SBE their kernel version of the driver went
    > effectively unmaintained after Alan Cox turned down their LMC->SBE
    > rename patch. Today SBE recommends their own version of the driver only
    > which unfortunately needs different tools and also clashes with the LMC
    > driver when not compiled as module. This general recommendation from
    > their support effectively makes the in-kernel code obsete.
    > Their drivers can be retrieved from:

    Alan Cox vetoed a rename patch, so you want to rip out the driver
    instead??? For an unreviewed out-of-tree driver?

    Without a suitable replacement, I don't give a shit about what SBE



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