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SubjectRe: Hard locks under high interrupt load?
On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Dan Creswell wrote:

> I'm having zero success in getting 2.6.3 stable under interrupt load. I
> can kill my machine in a variety of fashions all of which appear, to my
> naive eye, related to interrupt load:
> (1) LAN traffic via E1000 card (X is not running)
> (2) Running X for more than a few minutes - starting up a couple of
> applications whilst performing some disk-based activity (such as a
> compile) usually seems to do the trick.
> (2) is worth a little more examination. I have an NVIDIA card (I can
> hear you all groan) *but* I get the same results with the XFree driver
> *or* the proprietary NVIDIA driver.
> Disabling IO-APIC usage seems to resolve the problem.

Does the 'noirqbalance' kernel parameter also serve as a workaround? Are
you using any userspace irq balancers?

> Machine is a dual Xeon, Tyan S2665 (E7505 chipset) with an MPT-Fusion
> SCSI controller.
> 2.4.26-pre1 and various other 2.4 kernels give me no problems at all. I
> really want to switch my machines over to 2.6 but I can't whilst this
> problem persists.
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