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    Hi there,

    As Windows2000 was just so unstable and slow I decided to use Linux on
    my Thinkpad 570E. Installation of gentoo was no problem (even if it
    took quite long) and I first installed a 2.4.25-kernel. Everything
    worked fine there and I could use the trackpoint utilities from Till
    Straumann to set the features of the trackpoint. The only problem was,
    that ACPI (and APM) did not function properly and so I couldn't get the
    current state of the battery (which is quite a large problem for a
    laptop). So I tried the 2.6.3-kernel. Apart from minor problems which
    could be solved rather quickly I got all devices up and running
    including battery monitoring. However, the trackpoint utility did not
    work anymore and so the special features like press-to-select and
    HARDWARE sensitivity setup do not work until today.

    As I've read so far, the approach in 2.6.x-kernel was to remove
    user-space-drivers as much as possible and one of the consequences was
    that the /dev/psaux-Device does not exist as in 2.4.x-kernels. However,
    there are some special devices (not only the trackpoint but also
    touchscreens for example) which had drivers for 2.4.x-kernels using the
    /dev/psaux-interface and most people who programmed those drivers either
    don't have the time or don't use/own those devices anymore. Furthermore,
    writing kernel device drivers requires more skill and they are harder
    to debug. So there's no real hope that they will ever be ported...

    I would suggest using a /dev/psaux-compatibility option which gives back
    the old interface so that these drivers work. This is only meant as a
    user-selectable option and I don't think that the new input system
    should be changed apart from that! There is already an existing approach
    to a kernel patch which can be found here It can be
    integrated easily into the kernel but it seems like there are still bugs
    in there. I'm in contact with the author because the trackpoint utilities
    creates a segmentation fault when writing to the device but we could not
    figure out a solution yet (it’s strange that his touchscreen device
    functions without any problems). We are sure that it would not be a huge
    problem to solve it for you guys out there, so if anyone wants to help us
    please contact b-gruber[at] and I’ll send you a more detailed error

    PS: Sorry if my english sounds a little bit bumpy sometimes but I don’t
    speak english natively.
    I would appreciate if you could cc all answers to my Email-adress as I
    haven't subscribed to this mailing-list!

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