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SubjectRe: A Layered Kernel: Proposal
Grigor Gatchev wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Mike Fedyk wrote:
>>Useful discussion would be asking for implementation suggestions to get
>>to your goal. Oh wait, I think there are already some of those in this
> Wait, wait a bit :-) I am still trying to see if that attractively looking
> model is really good. After (rather, _if_) it is proven good, I would be
> asking for implementation suggestions. But let's see first if it is worth
> implementing.

OK, you need to state that in simple terms at the very begining of your
proposal in the future. Otherwise many people won't understand you're
asking for design help, and are just asking others to do what you want.

Also, fill in more details. Take all of the ideas against your proposal
in this thread, and write how they can be overcome. You have to give
enough detail so it will not be seen as a dismissal of said problem, and
enough flexability for a design document.

Frankly, it might be better if you wrote an RFC with implementation details.


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