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SubjectRe: raid 5 with >= 5 members broken on x86
On Feb 26, 2004, Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

> Ok. I did the silly one-liner, but if the "don't care" approach really
> improves code generation, feel free to send one that fixes both the P5 and
> PII cases..

FWIW, I think the silly one-liner is actually an improvement, since
then we use a hardware register for the counter, instead of a stack
location. I was concerned about not increasing the register pressure
with the patch; it looked very tight already, and I couldn't tell it
wouldn't be exceeded with some older compiler that failed to eliminate
the frame pointer, for example.

If that's the way to go, I'll post a patch that leaves the +r alone.
If using a stack location for the counter could possibly be as
efficient as using a register, I'd convert "+r" (lines) to "+g". Any

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