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SubjectRe: 2.6.3-mm3 hangs on boot x440 (scsi?)

Andrew Morton wrote:
> john stultz <> wrote:
>> Booting 2.6.3-mm3 on an x440 hangs the box during the SCSI probe after
>>the following:
>>scsi0 : Adaptec AIC7XXX EISA/VLB/PCI SCSI HBA DRIVER, Rev 6.2.36
>> <Adaptec aic7899 Ultra160 SCSI adapter>
>> aic7899: Ultra160 Wide Channel A, SCSI Id=7, 32/253 SCBs
>>I went back to 2.6.3-mm1 (as it was a smaller diff) and the problem was
>>there as well.
> Could you try reverting aic7xxx-deadlock-fix.patch? Also, add
> initcall_debug to the boot command just so we know we aren't blaming the
> wrong thing.
> Apart from that, gosh. Maybe you could add just linus.patch and
> bk-scsi.patch, see if that hangs too? Or just test the latest linus tree -
> the scsi changes were merged this morning. Thanks.

Problem patch is expanded-pci-config-space.patch.
x440 can not enable acpi by dmi_scan.
expanded-pci-config-space.patch need acpi support.
So, kernel can not get x440's xAPIC interrupt.

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