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SubjectRe: Intel vs AMD x86-64
On Monday 23 Feb 2004 5:31 pm, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> The x86 is so great partly because there's been real competition. So I
> think it's very important to x86-64 to have real competition to make sure
> nobody gets too dishonest.

I think linux's support for so many architectures is important in this
respect. I can now compare and choose between several distinct architectures,
rather than just different flavour of x86. That's where the real competition
will be long-term. (indeed, I would probably buy ia64 if not for the fact
that I can put together 5 opteron systems for the price of 1 ia64...)

I'm don't usually subscribe to conspiracy theories, but I've got this really
nasty suspicion that intel really did conspire with microsoft to delay win64
until their x86-64 chip was ready.

The more influential linux becomes, the easier it will become for amd et al to
compete, and relegate this sort of bullshit to then past, where it belongs.
And competition means faster/better/cheaper processors, which is what I care

Andrew Walrond

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