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    Subjectnetwork / performance problems

    I have several new Dell 2650's in various stages of production. They are
    dual xeon machines, hyperthreaded, w/ built in broadcom Gbit
    adapters. I've also installed IntelPRO 1000/MT dual port
    adapters. I have tried various combinations of these adapters and kernels
    2.4.24 and 2.6.3, but continue to have problems with slowly degrading
    network performance. Under heavy load, thing really go sour, and I've
    actually had to reboot to get things back again.

    I've assembled some data at the following location, which I hope provides
    some additional insight into the nature of my difficulties. These include
    smokeping graphs, sundry stats, and some commentary. I am of course happy
    to provide any additional information that would be helpful. It's almost
    certain that I've neglected to mention the once crucial detail that makes
    everything clear (likely just me being obtuse)... ;)

    I've not subscribed to the lkml (I know, boo), so would appreciate
    CC's. I will happily subscribe if anyone feels I'm being outrageously

    (Thanks in general for all the stuff you guys do. Amazing!)

    Ron Peterson
    Network & Systems Manager
    Mount Holyoke College

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