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SubjectRe: kgdb support in vanilla 2.6.2
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Tom Rini <> wrote:
>>Andrew, what features of George's version don't you like?
> This is bad:
> akpm:/usr/src/25> grep '^+#ifdef' patches/kgdb-ga.patch | wc -l
> 83
> and the fact that it touches 36 different files.

Been away from this for a while, but I do think this needs a comment. The fact
that it touches 36 files is tilted rather strongly in that a good number of
those files are in the Document/* tree. I.e. there is a rather larger amount of

As to the #ifdefs, I once worked on a kernel (HPUX if you must know) where you
could NOT remove the debug stub and its bits. Turns out the kernel began to
depend on the code that was supposed to be debugging it. I rather strongly try
to avoid Heisenberg and the nasty thinks that arise from this sort of thing. I
think you will find that most of those #ifdefs are "#ifdef CONFIG_KGDB" so that
it you turn it off it is just as if the patch was not done (save the configure
script, of course).

There is also the attempt to make one patch cover several kernels (such as in
the 2.4 case where we may have O(1) or not) and also the preempt or not AND at
the same time, want to debug the preempt code.
> Any time I've had to do any maintenance work against that stub I get lost
> in a twisty maze and just whine at George about it. It's just all over the
> place. Yes, this is partly the nature of the beast, but I don't see that a
> ton of effort has been put into reducing the straggliness.

Yes, I agree. Some of this is caused by the need to work with a rather fixed
interface to gdb. We would, for example, like to tell gdb to flush its cache
from time to time. It would also be nice if gdb were to hint to us about what
it was trying to do. The single step over a break point comes to mind here, as
does the function call set up. Still, improvements can be made.

George Anzinger
Preemption patch:

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