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    SubjectRe: Strange problem with alsa, intel8x0 and ut2003/ut2004 on 2.6.3(all above 2.6.2-rc3)
    Hi there,

    I have ut2003/2004, and in both I can hear the crackling with kernel 2.6.3.
    With 2.6.2-rc3 everything was fine.

    I tried another openal lib (selfcompiled, armyops) but it doesn't help.
    (I normally start my ut with "nice -n -1". If I start it with normal priority,
    the sound gets a bit less crackling)
    xmms works fine.

    I have an intel8x0 alsa driver with oss support for my SiS chip
    (P4 2.4Ghz/SiS645DX). And I'm using the nvidia driver for my GF card.
    Kernel compiled with PREEMPT.


    The vulcan-death-grip ping has been applied.

    Martin Zwickel <>
    Research & Development

    TechnoTrend AG <>
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