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    SubjectRe: ACPI -- Workaround for broken DSDT
    From Brown, Len on Sunday, 01 February, 2004:
    >The vendor should supply a correct DSDT with their BIOS.
    >In the case of Dell, you might inquire here:
    >For non-vendor supplied solutions, you might also follow the DSDT link

    Hmm. Do vendors generally release these? I know Dell's very shaky on
    the Linux support front, at least for desktop/laptop.
    Also, how do non-vendor supplied ones get made? Seems like something
    you need NDA'ed docs for.


    >> >this is probably best addressed to
    >> >where people over-ride their BIOS ACPI DSDT all the time.
    >> >However, there is a reason that it isn't push-button, and that is
    >> >because we don't want to encourage people to do it. We'd rather fix
    >> >Linux where Linux is broken, or get the OEMs to fix their
    >> BIOS where the
    >> >BIOS is broken.
    >> How does one get a hold of a fixed DSDT? I've seen postings about
    >> how to apply them, but how do they get released? I'd *love* for
    >> Dell to release a fix for my Inspiron 8600 (haven't found a fixed
    >> DSDT), or to just get a hold of one.
    >> *sigh* When will the vendors support Linux?!
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