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SubjectRe: UTF-8 and case-insensitivity wrote:

> Currently dnotify doesn't give you the filename that is being
> added/deleted/renamed. It just tells you that something has happened,
> but not enough to actually maintain a name cache in user space.

This might be a crazy / stupid idea, so flame at will :)

Wouldn't it be possible to do a samba "super-server" mode, in which samba would
assume that it controlled the directories it is exporting?

In this mode a "corporate" Samba server, serving Windows clients, could improve
performance by assuming that its cache was always up-to-date.

If if we wanted to access the directory locally we could always mount locally
using samba, and access the files anyway, albeit a lot slower and without linux
permissions, etc.

What we would gain was the ability to say "I want to give priority to my samba
server" (and set it to "super-server" mode) or "my priority is to the linux
native filesystem, and just want to share my files with windows users anyway"
(and keep using samba as always).

Paulo Marques -

"In a world without walls and fences who needs windows and gates?"

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