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SubjectRe: JFS default behavior
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Btw, from the screen man-page it appears that screen is not able to do
> that either. You can put screen into utf-8 mode, but it sounds like it
> just means that it passes UTF-8 through, not that it does any translation
> from "latin1 vt100 to utf-8".

Screen works nicely. Do this:

echo 'defutf8 on' >> ~/.screenrc

Then screen presents a UTF-8 interface to the shell and other
programs, regardless of what kind of terminal you connect from :)

(It's a bit overkill, no actually it's a lot overkill, and you have the
annoyance of screen intercepting at least one commonly used editing key.)

(Just remember to set the LANG environment variable to include
".UTF-8" so that screen-oriented programs know to display properly. I
do it automatically using a script which queries the current terminal,
to workaround ssh not forwarding LANG).

> I think there are a few editors that actually do ("mined" looks like it
> should do it).

Emacs does, of course.

-- Jamie
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