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SubjectRe: UTF-8 and case-insensitivity

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 wrote:
> > And I bet the performance advantages of _not_ doing native case
> > insensitivity are likely to dominate hugely.
> This part I just don't understand at all. The proposed changes would
> be extremely cheap performance wise as you are just replacing one hash
> with another, and dealing with one extra context bit in the
> dcache. There is no way that this could come anywhere near the cost of
> doing linear directory scans.

Why do you focus on linear directory scans?

They simply do not happen under any reasonable IO patterns. You look up
names under the same name that they are on the disk. So the _only_ thing
that should matter is the exact match.

The inexact matches should be a case of "make them correct". Screw
performance. And tell people that they are slower.

Sure, I can imaging that MS would make some benchmark to show that case,
but at that point I just don't care.

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