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SubjectRe: EISA & sysfs.
>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Jones <> writes:

Dave> This problem is not just cosmetic btw, it kills boxes.
Dave> For example, hp100 is a net driver that supports multiple busses.
Dave> Trying to modprobe it on a kernel that supports EISA on a box that
Dave> doesn't gets a hung modprobe. Backtrace shows..


It looks like hp100 is at least broken wrt probing, since it lacks a
EISA-ID table terminator. What about changing it to :

static struct eisa_device_id hp100_eisa_tbl[] = {
{ "HWPF180" }, /* HP J2577 rev A */
{ "HWP1920" }, /* HP 27248B */
{ "HWP1940" }, /* HP J2577 */
{ "HWP1990" }, /* HP J2577 */
{ "CPX0301" }, /* ReadyLink ENET100-VG4 */
{ "CPX0401" }, /* FreedomLine 100/VG */
{ "" }, /* THIS ENTRY IS MANDATORY !!! */

Dave> I've seen same exactly the same behaviour with quite a few other
Dave> modules. For my 'modprobe/rmmod script-o-death', I just ended
Dave> up disabling EISA in that test tree, as it was too painful to
Dave> hit this issue over and over, but its a real situation that
Dave> could bite users of for eg, vendor kernels.

What are the other modules ? I'd like to reproduce the problem (I have
no PCI hp100 to check if the above fixes the problem).


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